The Luthier

Amnesia Guitars is a workshop of luthiery in Savona, Italy, fully managed by the luthier Carlo Carbone since 2012.
Amnesia offers two mains services: Guitar / Bass repair and maintenance, and Guitar / Bass building.

Repair and maintenance

We do maintenance to customer guitars and basses, like setup (trussrod, action, intonation, pickups, cleaning etc..), changing pickups, electronic circuitry, refretting etc..

Guitar and Bass building

Amnesia also offers some series of guitars and basses, Fully builded in our workshop.
The laboratory offers a range of original Amnesia handmade instruments fully replicables, or with modifications made to match the customer specifications.
Amnesia also creates instruments entirely customized (Custom series), merging the needs and ideas of the customer requirements with the technical know how of the luthier.
Every Amnesia guitars and basses are made by top-of-the-range components and materials, and the luthier knows every details that makes our instruments unique.

Italian Luthier