Amnesia Nayra-Hardware

Top quality materials

Woods of Amnesia guitars are choosen directly by the luthier and buyed from retailers specialized in luthiery. Amnesia has a small warehouse where every woods are stocked until they are used. This is an important detail because woods can adapte to the local climate to get the maximum stability.
Amnesia uses only top quality hardware, choosing only leading brands.

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Amnesia building guitars

The Building process

It's not enough to use top quality materials if the building process is not accurate. Since 2018 the building is made using a CNC, to reduce costs, time and to get maximum precision and absolute repeatability. Details and aesthetic works are handmade by the luthier, because a craft guitars needs work made by hands.
AMnesia build also guitars and basses completely handmade by the luthier, as the luthiery tradition needs.

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Free quotes

Contact us to get additional infos and a free quote. The luthier is at your disposal to find the raight guitar for you.


Made in Italy at 1050€!!!

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Fancy Series costs only 1050€!!

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"The midget bass is easy to play and has an exciting sound. Wonderful."

~ Dino Cerruti

"I was really impressed by the intonation. It's perfect at every fret of the fingerboard."

~ Ugo Parodi (Possiede 5 chitarre Amnesia)

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