Fancy Series

Jessie Fancy Series
Jessie Fancy Series



What is the Fancy series?

Fancy series is a new Amnesia guitar series for those who want to approach to the luthiery world without spending too much money.

  • "How can i pay a guitar made by a luthier?"
  • "Will the instrument really pay me back for the expense incurred?"

Amnesia Guitars builds only top quality guitars and basses, but the new Fancy series wants to give the possibility to those who do not have a high budget available and to those who are hesitant about violin making.

How Much doeas it costs?

Fancy series costs only 980€, a really low amount for a guitar entirely built by an Italian luthier.

Are woods and hardware reliable?

Absolutely yes! We always use top quality woods and materials. Neck is quarter sawn for better stability, dual action truss rod. We just use "simpler woods" and basic hardware, but always reliable!

Browsing on the internet you can find cheap guitars, made by luthier, but they just use bad components or guitars built in the east and the sells as "Made in our laboratory". Trust us, and buy an Amnesia Guitars!


Body - Okumè Mahogany with ash top;
Neck - Quarter sawn maple;
Fretboard - Pau Ferro with round dots at 12°. Medium Jumbo frets;
Radius - 12'';
Scale length - 647.7mm (25.5'');
Nut - 43mm, bone;
Bridge - Kluson Hardtail;
Tuners - Kluson 6L;
Pickups - ToneRider Classic Blues, made in UK.